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Land Based is Redefining the Definition of Luxury & Exceptional Service


Our Journey

The genesis of Land Based emerged from a desire to bring "A Super Yacht Standard" to the shores of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Bryon Bay. Our story began against the backdrop of the Bahamas and unfolded through captivating seasons in the Mediterranean. During our travels, having worked with demanding super yacht owners and their guests, we learned the fine craft of delivering 7-star services with a genuine smile. Discover unparalleled caterers in Gold Coast and beyond!


Meet Our Team

Crafters of Luxury Experiences

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Co-director Rob Mohr
A Glimpse into Rob Mohr's Journey

Experience that Shines 

With a remarkable journey spanning over 15 years in the realm of high-end restaurants, including esteemed establishments like the Hamilton Island Yacht Club and prestigious on-board Super Yachts, Rob Mohr's path has been one of culinary brilliance.


Culinary Excellence 

Rob's ascent in the culinary world was marked by extraordinary achievements. At the youthful age of 23, he claimed his first Head Chef role and was adorned with multiple accolades, including the coveted Chef's Hat for two consecutive years. Fuelled by unadulterated passion and an unwavering love for food, Rob's journey has been an embodiment of relentless improvement and skill refinement.


A Visionary in Culinary Craftsmanship 

Rob possesses an unparalleled perspective on food, championing the art of tailoring each experience to harmonise perfectly with the desires of our discerning clients.


Co-director Eden Beckingham
Crafting Luxury Beyond Compare

Embarking on a Journey 

With a remarkable voyage spanning seven years within the yachting world, Eden Beckingham's rise has been nothing short of inspiring. Her ascent from laundry stewardess to Chief stewardess across multiple luxury vessels underscores her unwavering commitment and dedication.


Pinnacle of 7 Star Service 

Eden's proficiency in the realm of 7 star service is unparalleled. From anticipating guests' needs to orchestrating seamless service in food, wine, housekeeping, laundry, and the meticulous care of opulent interiors, her attention to detail stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.


Guardian of Confidentiality 

Matters of discretion and confidentiality are second nature to Eden. A steadfast professional, she embodies trustworthiness in every sense, ensuring that every client's privacy is protected.


The Artist of Ambiance 

With a mind brimming with creativity, a smile that radiates warmth, and an innate passion for creating mesmerising tablescapes, Eden enhances your dining experience into an artistic masterpiece.


Flawless Spaces, Super Yacht Standard 

Eden's extensive background in cleaning, coupled with her meticulous approach, guarantees that your living space will be left immaculate, adhering to the exacting standards of "A Super Yacht Standard."

An Unveiled Opportunity

We loved our super yacht experience and are passionate about elevating your lifestyle. Whether you require our Cleaning service, a Private Chef or Bespoke Catering for that special occasion, we’re here to provide you with 7 STAR SERVICE beyond compare.

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